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Luxury Pergola at Jumeirah walk, Dubai 
Manufacturer and Main Supplier  Al Farah carpentry UAE

This Luxury Pergola is Perfectly done by Al Farah Carpentry UAE, it is Located at HELIO Restaurant - Trident bay side at Jumeirah heart of Dubai.

Customers Enjoy under this Wooden pergola because of its Beautiful Interior and Quality of Work done by Al Farah Carpentry UAE, This Luxury Pergola Made of Red Meranti Wood From Malaysia, With Wooden Natural Palish Looks amazing, as per the Client Requirement Peace Garden has Developed Air Conditioning Facility by covering all side walls with Clear PVC, and Ceiling Hard PVC, Ceiling is 99.9% UV Protected, and water Proofed.
Side walls can be open and Close roll ups as per changing the weather.

Total Area is 240 Squire Meter, by the Grace of Allah it is beautifully done by Peace Garden

this Pergola is Ideal for the Restaurant and Hotels to cover Entire Area peace fully with Al Farah Carpentry UAE

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Peace Garden                          

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Since the pergola is only thing to provide glorious look of the residence of someone because of its location normally at the entrance place or otherwise at the wide spacious area anywhere in the building. This is also a primary consideration before planning to construct the pergola.

We have a well planned variety of pergolas consisting of various type of material such as vinyl, wood and fiber with a good combination to give an attractive look. Even we have also facilitated with ready-made kit with easy setup as per requirement.

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Tufail Ahmad
Email: peacegardenuae@gmail.com
Cell +971 55 4407844
Whats app +971 55 4972430


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